Stolin District Local History Museum

Price list of prices for services provided by the "Stolin District Museum of Local History" 

1. Entrance ticket for schoolchildren - 0.80 rubles.

2. Entrance ticket for students of vocation school, secondary special and other educational institutions - 0.90 rubles.

3. Entrance ticket for other visitors - 1.20 rubles.

4. Entrance ticket for foreign citizens - 2.20 rubles.

5. Sightseeing tour for groups of schoolchildren, students of secondary education, secondary special and other educational institutions - 8 rubles.

6. Sightseeing tour for groups of adults - 10 rubles.

7. Sightseeing tour for groups of foreign citizens - 10 rubles.

8. Visiting the local history museum is FREE for the disabled, veterans of the Great Patriotic War, conscripts, and orphans.

9. The last Wednesday of the month is a free day for schoolchildren, pupils, students. Groups by appointment.

10. The right to take pictures at the exhibition - 2 rubles.

11. Consultation - 6 rubles.

12. Thematic excursion in Stasina - 12 rubles.